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TVD – Best of Season 2

TVD – Best of Season 3

TVD – Best of Season 4

TVD – Best of Season 5

TVD – Best of Season 6

Finally I uploaded the last (and also first) season humor video :D! I’m so happy I finally finished it :)!! I kind of found my inspiration again! 😀 haha at least I hope so!

Oh and I’m really sorry about 90 to 99 % of my humor videos are filled with damon scenes 😀 but It just always happens when I search for scenes :D! I Can’t help it!

I already have plans for other rvd humor vids :D! because I know you guys love humorish stuff and I just love editing it :D!

I miss the old seasons 🙁 and i miss ELENA AND DELENA! I jut can’t vid the 7th season of tvd right now guys 😀 but I want to make a delena video and maybe just maybe a Steroline vid :)!

And i’m sorry if there are any spells! my english isn’t perfect!

►Edited by: Laura
►Song: Mika – We are Golden
►Software: Sony Vegas Pro12.0
►Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (Only Season 1)
►Coloring: Mine / Watermark: SkyxLines
►Finished: 30.11.2015


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  • Go Go Go 1 month ago

    Season 1,2 and 3 were pain to watch bc Stefan and elena were together

  • Belieber123 1 month ago

    Vampires can’t procreate but we love to try.

  • Angel Locsin 1 month ago

    Jenna is ME😂😂😂😂Oh DAMON🤤

  • This show could have been much more fun and exciting but Elena singlehandedly brings the whole energy down😑

  • 'Damon doesnt get mad, he gets even' – Stefan
    That's my favourite dialogue😅😆

  • Bella 1 month ago

    LOVED IT!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Season 1 was the best bcoz at least things were not so complicated between elena damon and stefan

  • Capitaine Miaou 1 month ago

    3:41 yeah elena right that’s what you thought… We ALL believe you…

  • Capitaine Miaou 1 month ago

    1:49 less than 3 seasons later, I wanna try Damon 😹

  • Kimberly Torres 1 month ago

    This just made my day😵❤️

  • Haylee Matthews 1 month ago

    I love how bad ass Lexi is

  • Sujata Nandy 4 weeks ago

    DAMON'S FACEE!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Pallavi Harishchandre 4 weeks ago

    I hated damon at this time …..that's funny

  • Nasri Issack 4 weeks ago

    OMG What's with damon and the teddy bear? It's HILARIOUS!!!

  • Nasri Issack 4 weeks ago

    ending really fits.

  • Suzanne Lange 4 weeks ago

    From the very first scene #Hello Brother Damon Salvatore I fell in love right away (Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot )

  • Alex Xxx 4 weeks ago

    “no elena i will not go to your bedroom with you…!”

    *jeremy looks awkwardly at them*

    ahaha damon kills me i remember when i thought he was a threat to mystic falls ha😂😂😑

  • Alex Xxx 4 weeks ago

    considering there were some pretty depressing parts in the season, this video is amazing😂😂

  • O.G Heqty Fan! 4 weeks ago

    I miss Lexi 😭

  • O.G Heqty Fan! 4 weeks ago

    Anyone else watch this 3 times?