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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Susan Elder 7 months ago

    I see nothing funny about scaring an innocent child, no wonder they have nightmares!!!’

  • Soniya P 7 months ago

    0:06 Doggo be like Don't worry Don't worry they did same to me .. it's just a prank

  • Ciper 7 months ago

    Parents and adults getting their own back on a year worth of kid trouble xD

  • Natsuki 7 months ago

    People love Mike Myers don't they?

  • Jadden 7 months ago

    Did someone call my naAAAHHHme

  • Geir-Arne Bentsen 7 months ago

    Well, it is kind of fun and all…
    But please, try not to scare your babies, they won´t understand that this is only scary makeups and masks… :/

  • Frank Oshinski 7 months ago

    GREAT !! TO FUNNY !!

  • Unicorns Cobb 7 months ago

    0:04 poor cat 1like = hlep

  • Daniel Wiśniewski 7 months ago

    1:14 xd girls scared

  • lowtoyxx 7 months ago

    These kids will be fkd up for life

  • FryAndy 7 months ago

    3:21 😂

  • mr clean super man 7 months ago

    Worst people….

  • my universe 7 months ago

    10:00 he ….. 😂

  • ross zepeda 7 months ago

    So no one peeped the child in the cage in the monitor when the two kids were watching a scary movie…

  • landscraper240 7 months ago

    2:41, put that kid in therapy now. He shouldn’t break out in an evil laugh after he just attacked someone with a knife.

  • Captain Dangler 7 months ago

    Why repeats? Answer: those responsible for this channel are too lazy to verify content and just steal it like everybody else does. 100’s of prank channels and not one original video. 👎

  • M Jenkins 7 months ago

    0:39 I’m dead 😂

  • Mark von Steiner 7 months ago

    This explains why 99% of all PTSD research articles come from the United States…

  • Jams Morgan 7 months ago

    bull sheets 🤮😒

  • Priscilla Urieta 7 months ago

    I like funny innocent pranks, but, i HATE when people make horrible pranks to kids, they are little, and somethimes they dont catch the idea of what a prank is..
    They cry and run as fast as they can to be "safe", and i hate when they feel that sensation..