15+ Floridians Who Fought Hurricane Irma With A Sense Of Humor, And Won The Internet

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  • Juliana Marie Artocillo 6 months ago

    Wth, 4:28 ? Coincidence!

  • Rodrigo Villablanca 6 months ago

    Hey irma, north korea is that way

  • Dimitry Brandon 6 months ago

    During hurricane Harvey me and my family went to Georgia turns out it’s was going to be worse there so we came back to Florida in the middle of the storm 😂

  • TheLegendaryDoggo Videos and more! 6 months ago

    Irma gerd–Oh my god

  • Starstruck Films 6 months ago

    I’ve watched this over 46 times!

  • Kazu Wazu 6 months ago


  • nutella good 6 months ago

    Floridians = floor idiots😂😂. not all r florida tho…btw im one of em

  • Hell Bender 6 months ago

    When I was in irma me and my friend went in trash cans and used sticks to move around in them, good thing is we found a hunting knife and strong branches.

  • fawneiii 6 months ago

    Texas: We just had one of the most devastating hurricanes in the USA!
    Irma: Hold my beer.

  • lan duong 6 months ago

    Let's appreciate these people's humor when they know there is a hurricane coming-_- (seriously how did they do that !!!)

  • Kalvin Sansone 6 months ago

    Here comes hurricane Michael ahhhhhhhhhhh come on after irma

  • Hannah Christina 6 months ago

    I danced outside in a Jason Mask during Irma and screaming at every big gust of wind

  • anabela jonsons 6 months ago

    I just found A Daily Dose Of Humor : ===>>> http://bit.ly/ADailyDoseOfHumor

  • A JACKSON 6 months ago

    Southerners have hurricane parties too. Just dont forget to buy alcohol

  • Doge Squad 6 months ago

    Man: gives snickers bar to hurricane
    Irma: eats it mm
    -mm thanks
    Irma: gets sunny

  • Kayla Montgomery 6 months ago

    The only time I'm proud of my state

  • Madison Animates 6 months ago

    Irma killed me, im dead

  • Michelle De Lange 6 months ago

    The pics are too small

  • Gear Geezy 6 months ago

    In from pa

  • Lorelei Tindle 6 months ago