Over the years we’ve had a lot of fun with people vehicles, but we can assure you that no one’s car has ever been damaged… At least we hope.

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

Welcome to the world-famous #JustforLaughsGags channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.

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  • 6 couscous 3 days ago

    it is french

  • Edgardo Jr. Ramilo 3 days ago

    i miss those day when i see you in tv air in philipines you have just for variety

  • Roma don 3 days ago


    from Indonesia

  • KontauriC07 3 days ago

    7:02 "Oh, bye"

  • Mario Tricarico 3 days ago

    Simpatici. Pezzi Di Merda 😆😆😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😅😅

  • hydra333 3 days ago

    7:02 I love it

  • Daniel Jönsson 3 days ago

    Guy at porta potty 7:25 has been watching all day. =)

  • Nap Bona 3 days ago

    Hilarious hahaha funny as usual

  • XG Berserker 3 days ago

    0:46 look like denis

  • why creepy 3 days ago

    F*** Samsung

  • Wisudawan Firdaus Mujahidin Empo 3 days ago

    This show never gets old 😂😂😂

  • Discovery Channel 3 days ago

    No las habia visto antes 😀

  • Frosty Los 3 days ago

    Back then y'all used to destroy cars, now they don't get too crazy but always new and funny

  • SANDEEP arya 3 days ago

    Very funny ..
    Love from india

  • The 5th emperor of sea 3 days ago

    At 4:00 the guy is like I knew I had seen you in prank videos.

  • Mirza Ali 3 days ago

    Luv from India🇮🇳

  • ###dark game play 3 days ago

    My new channel please sapot

  • 13 years old 3 days ago

    Love just for laughs gags from philippines.

  • shiven arora 3 days ago


  • mohammed hussein 3 days ago

    I love worching you