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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • ineedmoney 6 months ago

    For those trying to find Part 1 on my channel, sadly it got copyright claimed & blocked worldwide, that video was the biggest one on my channel with 8,5m views, i was happy having it in my catalog even though it was copyright claimed and i didnt make a single penny off of it, either way now that its gone, would you like me to re-upload a slightly re-made part 1 or should i instead include new clips and make part 3? Let me know!

  • Nathaniel Smith 6 months ago

    Wow a complete retard pos

  • Azarieyah Demariyah 6 months ago

    do you live in new York

  • Brendan Obrien 6 months ago

    I heard the word “vagina” like 48 times

  • ApexorTv 6 months ago

    Yo we are in the same page. I need money too wtf 😂

    Ok i'll stop…

  • Fan S 6 months ago

    Cardi B is my QUEEN 👑

  • Terry tibbs 6 months ago

    Bitch fart round me she'll get the boot!!!

  • acho oraha 6 months ago

    🎤👍♪ ♫ ♬👌 ♫ 🎶 ❤👌👏 my godness Cardi.

  • clout goblin 6 months ago


  • Mamadou Dieye 6 months ago

    Hate cardi, love the video.

  • Scottie The Vlogger 6 months ago

    Excellent post , Just to let you know I watched your video in full and liked it and now I hit the notification bell lets stay connected 🙂

  • Christopher Platt 6 months ago

    1st gang lmao