The Japanese seem to have a gift of finding weird and wonderful new ways to surprise people… Here are 7 of the craziest!

1 Jurassic Prank
You’re happily walking down a corridor with your early morning coffee when you see this. Is it an emergency? Is there a fire?

2. Water Fountain
This is a suped-up water fountain. Let’s see how the every-day citizens react.

3. Elevator
This next one is a classic. Who isn’t afraid of elevators?

4. Wet Surprise
You’re happily walking down a corridor one morning, when suddenly… You’re completely soaked from head to toe. The amount of effort they’ve put in to hiding these water pits is outstanding. This guy sees a suspicious man-hole cover and cleverly avoids it. Danger averted.

5. Random Guy
Sometimes it’s enough just to be a random guy.

6. Mob Pranks
Just a couple of typical Japanese guys… With handbags… Walking down a typical Japanese street. Kentaro has just withdrawn his life savings and is on his way to finally buy a motorbike. No more walking down dodgy alleys for him…

7. The Apocalypse
Just a normal woman having her hair done. When the hairdresser leaves her alone for 10 minutes…

Which of these pranks did you think was the funniest?

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  • Shyam kumar 2 weeks ago

    The MOB 😊

  • Lang Aw 2 weeks ago

    indians take pranks seriously.. head shaking.

  • Lang Aw 2 weeks ago

    yeah thats what youre good at. making fun of people. think that it will be done also to you as well. and you will be laughed at. japanese

  • Otaku IS Trash 2 weeks ago


  • V zero 2 weeks ago

    Every single pranks are fake… Japan is fake

  • Rahul Rkz 2 weeks ago

    Extreme funny

  • あの五人組 2 weeks ago


  • มาโปรด มาโปรด 2 weeks ago


  • sassytrini 2 weeks ago

    Japanese take pranks to a whole other level 😂

  • Johnny Geddes 2 weeks ago

    The unwanted smoking room!

  • In UK 'logic' has been replaced with "health and safety" therefore we can't have fun 🤦🏻‍♂️

    But thanks to YouTube we can watch nations like Japan having all the fun 👏🏼😂

  • vincent7520 2 weeks ago

    Perverts ! …

  • marianne froholdt 2 weeks ago


  • Nikhilesh Surve 2 weeks ago

    WAH!! The Japanese. I was speechless. Very funny.
    Although any prank that can harm someone or something (like their mobile) can't be considered very good.

  • Noobisdance OOF 2 weeks ago

    Random Guy

  • Buata Red Devils 2 weeks ago

    I always carry my phone in my pocket and if I fall on those water trap, I will be very angry 😑

  • Medanlord Bautista 2 weeks ago

    3:57 i’m laughing

  • Medanlord Bautista 2 weeks ago

    idk but how can they cam close up?

  • Medanlord Bautista 2 weeks ago

    0:46 my mum holding a slipper

  • Cai Susianti 2 weeks ago

    So sek ken the fire way