From episode 62

happy wheels 2 demo


Laugh For Gags



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  • Kent Stark 5 months ago

    There used to be a lot of gags like this in One Piece… ah? the Golden age of Gags… hahahahha!!!

  • Reyven Zoldyck 5 months ago

    Crocus > Strawhats

  • Captain Obvious 5 months ago

    just watched again

  • melagkomas20 5 months ago

    hahahahahaha comedy gold

  • donGripo 5 months ago

    One of my favorite scenes in all of One Piece!

  • mikaela madrigal 5 months ago

    I miss this kind of gags

  • Kit Kat 5 months ago

    16 years later and Crocus still has me dying. Lol

  • 大塚高幸 5 months ago


  • SupremeMaster 5 months ago

    This kind of stuff made me addicted to one piece.

  • 21剣士/実況 5 months ago


  • hassam Kkkk 5 months ago

    Wow , I didn’t expect this many cry babies shitting on one piece , you don’t like the anime? Shut the fuck up and watch the manga (which is still the best manga today) , it doesn’t have fillers , stupid pacing , and is just pure one piece coming from oda’s head , and it’s still fucking awesome, the wholecake arc in the manga was easily one of the best arcs in the history of one piece , and oda just keeps raising the bar every arc , stop being a shithead and blaming oda for the anime like he somehow has anything to do with the production? Side note (he doesn’t have anything to do with the anime) , you sit there and and cry more while i read some good ass one piece manga

  • deathbombs 5 months ago

    He even gave his bloodtype. What an ass!

  • When One Piece used to be really good. Watchable in living room as well

  • The Inventor 5 months ago

    I miss this kind of one piece, a pure humor and no over sized boobs.

  • George Ding 5 months ago

    still funny in 2018

  • Jago - 5 months ago

    Crocus still funny 1999-2018

  • Ria EC 5 months ago

    this will never get old xD

  • Akashi 5 months ago

    Still one of the best gags in all of Anime, I laugh every fucking time I watch this

  • Jayke Narn 5 months ago

    I wonder how he was at Roger's ship lol

  • Perpetual T.K 5 months ago

    Crocus: * walks *

    Sanji: * TRIGGERED *