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  • oglukzkashan 1 week ago

    Arya is so sweet ☺

  • Jeremy Wells 1 week ago

    Check out this hilarious short film about a couple's Game of Thrones watch party!

  • William H. Baird 1 week ago

    Wait WHAT? John gets killed? 🙁

  • Yola Montalvan 1 week ago

    Well Jon Snow and Daenerys will get married and rule the 7 Kingdoms. Jaime, the imp, Arya, will have their own castle. Cersei will commit suicide. Only one dragon will be left alive. The night walker fall into a trap and die with wildfire.

  • Joshua Snow 1 week ago

    "Atleast you have your clams and cockles"

  • batmaster75 1 week ago

    9:10 Really? Who let this SJW Snowflake have the MIC, if you dont like the show…stop watching BITCH!

  • PROUD_BRIT 1 week ago

    Sam should of used the Big Bang as a metaphor 😂

  • praveen singh 1 week ago

    im here only to watch arya's laugh

  • Barry McCockiner 1 week ago

    John Bradley is the man!

  • quickshot j 1 week ago

    At 6:07 does that mean there will be more dragons

  • Manan Gupta 1 week ago

    Maisie has the same dress in the comic con and conon's show

  • Silvers Rayleigh 1 week ago

    Sophie Turner SUUUUCKS !

  • Ato Nympha 1 week ago

    I have a thing for gwen.

  • Drake Kay 1 week ago

    12:52 Did you forget the part where he lived in constant 2nd class citizen status as a PEACE COERCION PRISONER? He was TRAINED by the Starks to be a bitch, and suffered as a victim his entire life. He has only his father to blame.

  • Demonic Rico 1 week ago

    11:10 that was creepy

  • Demonic Rico 1 week ago

    That first joke was amazing

  • William Mansfield 1 week ago

    Ngl this is cringe

  • Sahitro Chatterjee 1 week ago

    Where the hell is Emilia?

  • Jeeperrandy 1 week ago

    LOL, I never knew Conleth Hill was such a funny guy.

  • Polly Bradshaw 1 week ago

    I thought Brianne of tarth was John Watson’s wife from Sherlock