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happy wheels 2 demo


Funny Pranks


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  • Domnoidragon 5 months ago

    Baseball teams seems to have way more fun than other sports teams 😛

  • Dillon Chicandard 5 months ago

    That’s how boring baseball is

  • Cowboy Kody 5 months ago

    Dumb, $22,000+ per hour?

  • 맘미잘 5 months ago

    02:06 lol

  • Thee Oneee Noee32 5 months ago

    Thats how boring baseball gets and players have to do something different to kill time

  • Mr Sausage 5 months ago

    The fire is a little too far.

  • greenymaco 5 months ago

    1:51 dear god his eye

  • Shawnlima231 5 months ago

    How do they get the bubble gum on the hat without them noticing? Lmfao I gotta get somebody like that, it has to be when its on their head but that seems so easy to feel😂

  • DJ Soul 5 months ago

    They should do the bubblegum hat trick to every rookie

  • DJ Soul 5 months ago

    3:06 Cornholio!?!?

  • Thomas Cremens 5 months ago

    Us Sox love tying players to support beams

  • Of All My Intention 5 months ago

    Pedro Martinez was the best…He dominated the other team every 4-5 days, but he didn't disappoint in/from the dugout either: the Yoda mask, throwing Zimmer to the ground, etc.

  • nahmanini sithole 5 months ago

    Needs more cowbell and can you do some bubble gum pranks?

  • Cool People 5 months ago

    2:40 2:41 2:42 2:43 2:44 2:45 I hate Mike trout

  • Joshua Dickinson 5 months ago

    He's a mummie

  • madi corcoran 5 months ago

    hahahaha enrique

  • DaDerpyCoCoa 5 months ago

    22nd…….. not bad

  • Diego Covarrubias 5 months ago


  • Jakob M 5 months ago

    How could the one where he was in the banana outfit be a prank like he didn’t know they put it on him

  • Alex Yin 5 months ago