Im so happy my daughter Camari is staying for real this time because her flight got cancelled thanks to the snow in Chicago! Royalty Exotic Cars also gave us a free Rolls Royce to prove to you all that the giveaway is in full effect call +1(702)602-9225 for giveaway instructions and you and your family could be flying to meet me In Las Vegas!

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  • CJ SO COOL 2 weeks ago

    I cried off camera when Camari got to stay longer who else did 😭

  • ariel Davis 2 weeks ago

    gcome to my sister birthday april 11

  • imanirenalife love 2 weeks ago

    I did

  • imanirenalife love 2 weeks ago

    Please me I'm a big fan

  • Jacobie Mency 2 weeks ago

    March292006 @savagekidcobie

  • Keyanah Barrow 2 weeks ago

    and one more thing can you pay for the Rolls Royce or please ask your guy if it could be for free

  • Keyanah Barrow 2 weeks ago

    oh yeah one more thing can you ask your guy who gives you cars if he can please please please give us a Rolls-Royce cuz we don't have a lot of cars really have a rental right now until my dad gets his I forgot what the car is called but it's not really just like a regular car but I really want my dad to get a Rolls-Royce so please ask him

  • Keyanah Barrow 2 weeks ago

    oh yeah one more thing are you going to pay for my flight or do I have to

  • Keyanah Barrow 2 weeks ago

    I want to come to so cool land End I want to see Kumari cuz I love her so much and I want to see all your kids and royalty specially cuz I love her so much she's like so pretty one of your biggest fans and my brother bought me on to you end i really really want to see so cool land and plus I'm in Canada and it's really cold out here

  • Keyanah Barrow 2 weeks ago

    I want to come to so cool and and come to your house cuz I'm in Canada right now and it's so cold down here but and I love you so much so I need to come to so cool and and I need to see Kamari I love Kamari is she the best

  • Chasity Reese 2 weeks ago

    Done pls pick me

  • Queen Momo 2 weeks ago

    omg i was so crying when i hear that camari got to stay longer

  • Autumn Jones 2 weeks ago

    Please bring to me to Las Vegas Because I need a break from school in the Summer

  • Jamyah Moreland 2 weeks ago

    I am jamyah and i am coming what my mom

  • Linda Frazier 2 weeks ago

    I love your YouTube channels cj so cool 💓💓👍😄

  • Trae Owens 2 weeks ago

    Cj so cool you got a good car like dang oh this is deziyer big fan

  • Brooklyn Harper 2 weeks ago


  • Randal Greene 2 weeks ago


  • Niyah Dashae 2 weeks ago

    My Instagram is flexxy_niyah1 and I'm from independence

  • Porscha Purnell 2 weeks ago

    That is so sweet