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Scoobynatural Humor Part 2 13×16 Funniest Moments

Credit To WBTV For SPN Footage

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  • Wayward Winchester 8 months ago

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  • Ryan Kmetz 8 months ago

    I demand a spin off starring Shaggy Scooby and Cas. I could watch those three interact all day.

  • Saul Sheldon 8 months ago

    0:05 "Man, I know there's a ghost trying to kill us and I should probably be helping… but I'm just gonna look at Daphne's butt."

  • HorakhtytheCreator 8 months ago

    I love animated!Castiel

  • Michael Russell 8 months ago

    Anyone else think they should've brought up African/European swallows when they asked where they got the coconuts?

  • Nick Sexton 8 months ago

    they see a dead body and say zoinks

  • SMBComix 8 months ago

    "I think I'm technically married to their queen now." That moment Castiel becomes the Doctor for a second. Also love the part where he said "Wonderful. I once led armies and now I'm paired with a scruffy philistine and a talking dog."

  • Last act of kindness 8 months ago

    Killer stuffed dinosaur in love

  • Michael Nolan 8 months ago

    Jinkies! Zoinks! Son of a bitch! CURSE WORDS!

  • Adam McLaughlin 8 months ago

    So this ep was worth the hype then? Pity us poor Brit viewers, not only was season 12 a slap in the face for us, it's taken a year for us to get season 13!

  • Kaitlyn Bennett 8 months ago

    "Married to their Queen." ? That's the third marriage Cas has been involved in

  • gabriel prado 8 months ago

    I like it

  • Hanna Macic 8 months ago

    "We're doomed."
    Well damn, Scooby. That was dark as fuck.

  • Sean Reeder 8 months ago

    Was really waiting for the guy to say the line at the end about the pesky kids! Right from the second they told him about his taxes! When he said it, I exploded into laughter!

  • Woolly PAR 8 months ago

    this was the best episode

  • Jessie Moore 8 months ago

    Wait, didn't Shaggy and Scooby actually go to hell at one point?

  • Laura Jelsma 8 months ago

    3:12 thumbnail

  • Maya Zulf 8 months ago

    Hearing Shaggy say Castiel’s name feels really weird.

  • JaxBlade 8 months ago


  • Lyle Khristen 8 months ago

    If you watch closely when the whole gang and sam and dean saw the guy dead on his bed after the break or black screen they have their own clothes on before the break or black light they had their pj’s