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*wipes sweat from brow*

I can NOT believe I just did this. Almost 20 minutes of funny *mike choking on milk* moments which…let´s face it is 90% Dustin. And I have no regrets.

For me its not even funny anymore and I will probably never watch this video again lmao. But I do hope you guys find it entertaining.

And lastly to all the complainers out there…
*inserts rolling eyes & face-plant into desk* can you just please understand that the music isn’t a CHOICE but a MUST for this video to even exists. Google copyright if you don’t believe me. If it’s annoying you THAT MUCH, I suggest you watch season 2 again (if you haven’t already it’s honestly even worse) and jump to each funny scene and spend hours finding them and rewatching them for yourself with no background music.
Peace out!
Video Rating: / 5

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