Our in-house magician impressed more than one stranger when he shook his magic wand to transform his classic toy soldier into a full-size man ready for combat!!!

1,2,3, wingardium leviosa!

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  • Kenneth Berry 6 months ago

    the viewers are creeps XD expect me

  • MiraxhO Osmani 6 months ago


  • gachastudio faith 6 months ago

    The girl shocked I was shocked becuz the shoulder is Funny as damn I was like "HOLY OF DAMN MOTHER- HOW DID U APPER DID U APPER UP THE SKY OMGGG ICGAFCD "

  • marco torres 6 months ago

    Who is that girl (1:15) I love her😍

  • il dittatore del cibo 6 months ago


  • Mike B 6 months ago

    0:55 its fucking Eddie Murphy lol

  • setaeysh fazel 6 months ago

    I like pranks ones my friend prank me and I prank her as well

  • Phlegethon 6 months ago

    0:44 this pretty girl is so nice to play along with the kid

  • Gunslinger 911 6 months ago

    eh ..actors..I saw the same guy at 0:54 in one of their other pranks

  • gamecubeism 6 months ago

    estas si son bromas sanas te ries y NADIE SALE LASTIMADO BUEN VIDEO TOME SU LIKE XD

  • ROBERTO MOTTA 6 months ago


  • bowlchamps37 6 months ago

    It´s not a prank when it is obvious that it is made up.

  • azschalter 6 months ago

    1:04 marry me😍😍😍

  • Victor Greystoke II 6 months ago

    That is totally awesome! 😀😀

  • 2012daffyduck 6 months ago

    0:47 she is stunning.

  • talesid5 6 months ago

    That girl at 1:04

  • Deanise Gime 6 months ago


  • اقای 100روپی 6 months ago

    Kids …

  • Clementine Smith 6 months ago

    This little boy he’s so cute and adorable !!

  • Alexander Whitewings 6 months ago

    Wow hot girls and handsome guys!