Times Online Shopping Went So Wrong, It Was Hilarious Part 3
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  • Respectable AF 1 week ago

    a third of the pics are people happy with what they bought. Whoever edited this vid is an idiot.

  • janamezi666 1 week ago

    3:00 just put it in water!?

  • *Tzuyu* 1 week ago

    everybody shopped from different stores and blamed it on China…

  • Graham Burt 1 week ago

    The music torture lol

  • SAY 10 1 week ago

    All these video's do is make me sad I don't drink anymore. I try and can't find this stuff. Guess I need to smoke more.

  • Flower Enki 1 week ago

    Sue them

  • Flower Enki 1 week ago

    5:30 fur wolf is a BUD PLUG… For swingers parties…………

  • A Random Passerby 1 week ago

    Shopping online is stupid. If you wind up with stuff like this, it's your fault for not going to a physical store and seeing it for yourself in person.

  • The game Guy 2.0 1 week ago

    y just y?

  • Shaun Elliott 1 week ago

    @7:33 There both fuckugly.

  • Shaun Elliott 1 week ago

    @5:30 Kelly, you dirty girl.

  • Shaun Elliott 1 week ago

    @4:40 not so "Kinfine" if your not 4.

  • KITTY ᗰEᒪᒪ O̶ 1 week ago

    I love your videos


  • KITTY ᗰEᒪᒪ O̶ 1 week ago

    120 views in an hour

  • iShark TV 1 week ago

    Love ❤️ your videos

  • MrToTortoise GD 1 week ago


  • N0T3LESS 1 week ago


  • Leo Šefčík 1 week ago

    When you say that being first doesnt matter